3" Wide "Big Daddy" English Bridle Leather Strop

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Now introducing a new Snap Swivel Bar at the top and still put together using Chicago screws. A more practical, more professional look and appearance with the same #1 English Bridle leather and 100% Wool Felt strop attached to the back. This #1 English Bridle, 100% Leather Straight Razor Strop is made in the USA and our 3 star quality and has a 28" Overall Length with a 21" Leather Stropping Area and 3" wide. No one else has a 3" leather strop with that has this long stropping area of 21" plus we make this strop in the USA and it is made from leather from the USA. Easy to Use. Nicknamed by one of our customers as "The Big Daddy"!! It Has a D-ring handle, nickel plated for your fingers easy usage. The Leather is Vegetable tanned and has a medium great Draw When Stropping to keep the straight razor edge polished and sharp. The Chestnut English Bridle has an extra top dressing of Tallow. There is a 3" 100% Wool Felt strop attached to the back of the Leather strop. The Felt strop has a d-ring handle, nickel plated for your fingers easy usage. Use the Felt strop to clean metal particles from the straight razor edge and to re-align the edge to shave readiness. The top of the Leather Strop and the attached Felt Strop has a snap swivel bar along with a leather lace for your use to attach and hang. I use Chicago screws and not rivets for attachments so that later if you need to change out or fix it you can take it apart. Compare my 3" leather strop price of $37.88 to $59.99 - $129.00 or more from competition!! The Leather Strop is new, never used, tested and made by me, made in the U.S.A.; has a great draw and ready for razor stropping! For Best Results use water and soap on the leather, such as your shave brush with shave soap. Also use the palm of your hand to rub the leather strop occasionally to help keep the leather pliable. When the leather is not pliable use Neatsfoot oil and when the leather is dirty use Saddle soap. This strop is a quality double shoulder leather strop for use by all straight razor shavers. We have replacement leather or felt for the "Big Daddy" if you ever need to replace the leather or felt part of the strop for any reason such as cuts put into leather or felt strop from stropping with the straight razor. That is why we use Chicago screws in making the "Big Daddy" strop so that the strop can be worked on easily if ever needed.

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