Gold Dollar, New, Straight Razor, #100, 6/8

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This Gold Dollar straight razor is model #100, 6/8, Green Flake (glitter) look color scales with a carbon steel blade. comes in a plastic sleeve. We are introducing a line of new straight razors manufactured by Gold Dollar. This Gold Dollar straight razor has jimps (fluting) on the underside and the topside of the tang . Very good shavers. Compared to any of the Straight Razors made in Pakistan or India the Gold Dollar brand is a much better quality straight razor. The carbon steel is much harder and easier to hone and to stay sharp than the soft carbon steel from Pakistan or India. For anyone that would like to try straight razor shaving this would be one to begin with. The Blade is 6/8 Round Point measuring .834" at the center which is actually closer to 13/16". The overall length of the razor is 9 9/16" and the scale (handle) length is 5 13/16". The Blade is a hollow ground 6/8 and either a IX or X on the hollow ground scale. This Straight Razor is new, I have treated with a silicone cloth to protect against rust and corrosion, also treated with mineral oil for shipment. This Gold Dollar #100 straight razor has been sharpened at the factory only not ready to shave. For all of your honing needs use Phil and his e-mail address is The edge that the manyfacturer has put on this straight razor is not a ready to shave edge.
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